In many ways I am not a stranger to self-sufficient living. The times in my life that I have lived a more self-sufficient lifestyle has always been born out of necessity instead of by choice. Although not all of those times are remembered with rose-colored glasses…living closer to nature and living with less has left an indelible mark upon my world view. Perhaps my early experiences are why I wish to return to a life that is in step with natural rhythms. I wish to create a more sustainable, and “sane-able” life for my husband and I. However, my challenge is figuring out how to move closer to this vision with limited funds and a full-time job. It is my intention to experiment with small acreage, organic gardening and related topics. By doing so I hope to achieve better health for our lives in every sense, by getting back in touch with something real. This ambitious blog will explore all aspects of raising a small flock of chickens (for their eggs and as pets), replacing much of our useless lawn to grow organic gardens in a northern mid-west climate, and other homey arts.


2 Responses to Home

  1. bee says:

    INCREDIBLE!!!!! Loved every reading minute. Your chickens are so darling. I have had about all of them and your choices are good. My daughter has a buff and when it sees her it flies up and perches on her arm. It is so funny cause she’s not a small chicken.
    Your babies will be easy to take care of, they are pretty tough. Just make sure they have water that they can’t spill or drown in. Keep us posted, this was very fun to read. I am a big composter as well and get quite excite about it turning. It smells so good. Love it, love it.

  2. Mark Nelson says:

    Nice start. Where does this one go? Did you consolidate it to the other blog?

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